Today, many parents are seeking ways to keep their kids engaged and learning beyond the schoolwork remotely assigned by teachers. Here are a few fun and creative ways you can use the power of the written word to help create special moments for kids, while imparting valuable lessons: Share life skills Adjusting to this new...
W ith the unprecedented closure of schools in the area in response to COVID-19, parents are faced with the challenge of keeping their children from boredom. The struggle is real. We feel you. We reached out through social media to Dubuque-area parents to find out what they’ve been doing to keep gray matter and creative...
Imaginative play has long been the trademark of childhood. Dolls, tea parties, dress-up, pretend battles and action figures are what many of us associate with good, old-fashioned child’s play. Parents today face intense criticism about the amount of time children are spending on electronic devices when they could be engaging in imaginative play. Technology has...
In the raising of her twin 9-year-olds, an ongoing question persists for Stacy Raap: When does she give them their first cellphone? They already have classmates that have phones. But she is certain that now is not the right time. “We haven’t set out an age when we think they should get a phone,” Raap...
During the past several years, the word YET has been popping up in classrooms across the country. “I don’t know how to add big numbers YET, but I will learn if I keep listening in math” wrote one first-grader. “Writing in cursive isn’t easy for me YET,” stated a third-grader. “But I’ll get better if...
Parenting — one of the hardest things I have ever done, with hardly enough training. (Marriage is the other.) Now, I had some training. I read all of the parenting books. I attended Lamaze classes. And I would have watched all of the videos and subscribed to the blogs if they would have been available...
Screen time is a hot topic for parents and researchers alike. While digital devices are the norm, and children can certainly use them to their benefit, parents can also help children learn healthy digital habits. Research is working out the long-term impact of devices on children. Here’s what’s known so far, and what you as...
Three-year old Kyra Waterman already is a seasoned globetrotter. She has traveled to Hawaii, Sri Lanka and South Africa with her parents, Brock and Becky. And she’s about to add another stamp to her passport. The Dubuque family will be traveling to Belize this month, and Kyra will have a fellow traveling companion in 8-month-old...
I remember the date like it was yesterday. It was Nov. 1, 2010. My husband, Kevin, and I were celebrating our two-year anniversary, and I was hung over as hell. I remember us going to dinner at a fondue restaurant and him giving me a diamond pendant necklace. We both were excited to finally say...
Having a baby typically is one of the happiest times in a couple’s lives but also one of the most transformative experiences a couple will go through. No longer is a couple focused only on each other, but now, they are responsible for the care of a newborn. While this can bring great joy, it...
Parents today might be a bit conflicted when it comes to the best ways to discipline their children. On one hand, they are urged to be aware of the whole child and to use positive discipline techniques when it comes to molding young minds. On the other hand, however, parents often are criticized for being...
Whether it’s dance lessons, computer projects, art class or yoga, kids are busy bees. But experts say that many aren’t spending enough time doing something much simpler and every bit as important as structured programming: Playing outdoors. “Finding time for the kids to play outside can be such a challenge for parents,” says Keri Wilmot,...


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