May 6, 2022
Linda Schacht has an innate gift. Upon stepping into a space, she can almost instantly envision its fullest potential. “It’s just something I think I developed over time,” said the 42-year-old Chicago native. “I had a very creative father and I grew up watching him build. Watching that design process, it’s just in my blood....
The increased demand for gardening supplies and plants during the past few years will likely continues to have effects on this year’s gardening season. Area garden centers predict challenges with shortages and shipping delays will affect the upcoming gardening season. For gardeners, local center owners urge patience until items come in, shopping early for supplies...
Hopefully, April showers brought us May flowers. As I write this, we are two days into spring, and people of the neighborhood have emerged. Kids are running around. Adults are active on the main drag. And there are a lot of open garage doors, inviting the warm air and neighborhood banter in. Each street has...
Before you know it, summer will be in full swing. And many parents will be looking for activities to keep kids’ brains and bodies active once the school year wraps up. Here are a few ideas, with additional resources, to help get you started: For bookworms Carnegie-Stout Public Library Summer Reading Program: Highlighting the theme,...
The home office has seen quite the resurgence these last few years. With more and more companies switching to work-from-home or hybrid schedules, it is only natural that we want to create a space for ourselves to buckle down and get things done while at home. However, office spaces aren’t just for full-time employees. We...
It’s spring, which means that summer is on the way. To me, that means I’ll soon be tending to my garden, which I love for many reasons. I love to play in the dirt. I’m sort of a child when it comes to gardening. I get so excited when the first little shoots start to...
Laura Ali has helped countless clients fine-tune their diets to promote healthy eating habits in her three decades as a registered dietitian and culinary nutritionist, 16 of them in a clinical setting at the Cancer Institute at UPMC, now Hillman Cancer Institute. Good nutrition is a cornerstone of good health, with study after study showing...


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