March 3, 2023
During the past decades, as a culture, we’ve done a great job of making health a luxury that only a few can achieve. Health is no longer seen as a birthright, but as an accessory that can only be bought with trendy supplements and the perfect exercise program. One of my missions is to change...
I spend all my time, pretending I’m fine While stuck in the middle of a battle with my mind I can’t comprehend the complexity of this grief built up inside of me The loss that haunts me Loneliness, cuddled up right beside me This emptiness I try to fill with distractions Subtracting myself I contemplated...
Becoming a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. When I became a mom, I had a picture in mind of what my family would look like. My house always would be clean. I would make a delicious supper every night, (complete with vegetables). My kids...
“Parental bonds, transcends planes. It stands the test of time.” This quote is from a recent poem I wrote as a message to my parents and as a message to myself. The poem, titled “Conflicted,” depicts the mental struggles I’ve faced following the death of my parents. It mentions the abundance of grief that I...
Looking to spend more quality time with your family? Check out these five ways to put down the devices and get active: 1. Upgraded outdoor games. Give outdoor play an upgrade with KidiGo NexTag from VTech, designed for ages 5 and older. More than just tag, it’s a high-tech spin on 20 different backyard games including...
Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? A few go-to ideas can make welcoming little ones into the world a breeze. Here are some creative ones to consider: Cute, cuddly and customizable Making perfect friends for little ones, My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet Smarty Paws from LeapFrog are no ordinary stuffed animals. Their...


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