There is not a better confidence booster to a young, teenage girl than to receive invitations from beauty pageants and modeling agencies. I was pushing 6 feet before high school. There were plenty of awkward moments, as I stood out in any crowd. I was flattered that some people in this world think that my...
If you have employees, you know that the loss of a key player can have a profound impact on business operations. When an employee leaves, customers who dealt directly with that person might worry about receiving their goods or services in a timely manner. Suppliers might be concerned about getting paid for their deliveries. And...
Has your family discussed money concerns? Clinical psychologists note that when kids don’t have enough information, they might become anxious, make up explanations or seek information from potentially unreliable sources. They recommend talking to your children about financial concerns. Preschool and elementary age Experts suggest limiting financial discussion with very young children to the basics....
Once upon a time, wedding registries were created so newlyweds would have all the basic essentials to establish their first home. But as technology has evolved, so too has the registry. Gone are the days where registries only include dishware and candlesticks. Couples can now incorporate modern must-haves, like connected light bulbs, voice assistants and...
When a loved one passes away, it often is an emotional and chaotic time. It’s also a time when you might be called upon to make a number of weighty financial decisions. Would you know what to do if you found yourself in that situation? If you’re not certain — or would just like to...
Ashley Ayala, owner of Soul Revolution — a yoga, cycling and fitness studio in Dubuque — cranks up the heat anytime she steps foot in her yoga studio. She calls herself a “heat junkie” when it comes to her hot yoga practice. But Ayala wasn’t always this way — coaching people through Warrior 3 poses....
Many of us are familiar with the expression, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” As an Agent with New York Life, I can assure you that when it comes to financial goals and objectives, this old adage rings true. In fact, it might be more relevant than ever. It isn’t always easy for some...


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