October 1, 2021
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a few changes in the life of Mary Rose Corrigan. “I highly value in-person conversations with people I run into — especially those I haven’t seen in person in a long time,” she said. “I rely on others’ expertise and assistance even more than previously....
There is a five-point list that Kelly Breitbach keeps within eyesight of her desk. It reads: 1. Put people before everything else. 2. Do your best work. 3. Be honest and considerate. 4. Make decisions and back them. 5. Speak up. Each has become a kind of mantra for Breitbach, who has served as the...
It’s not difficult to get caught up in the aroma that hits the nose upon setting foot inside of Big Apple Bagels. Freshly baked bread, sweet cinnamon rolls and a hint of just-brewed coffee waft freely through the air of the Dubuque location, no doubt making patrons second-guess what they originally thought they might order....
If home is where the heart is, Clara Lopez Ortiz need look no further than Cascade, Iowa. “I always seem to come back to Iowa, no matter how far away I go,” a pensive Ortiz said. “I’ve always considered myself an Iowan, even though I came from Mexico. I just always seem to find my...
We’ve all heard that Labor Day meant packing up our white clothes to make way for darker hues in our closets. It wasn’t strictly enforced, of course, but I did put away my crisp Keds and all white outfits — mostly because Midwestern winters don’t pair well with light colors. I don’t wear Keds anymore,...
Amid the quiet and peaceful space of Challenge to Change, you’ll find a Zen table with a silver ball tracing a beautiful lotus flower in the sand, warmly colored walls and sink-in-and-relax furniture. But your eye immediately is drawn to a quote by the Dalai Lama on the back wall: “If every 8-year-old in the...
A Dubuque family has pledged $1 million toward the creation of a resource center for nonprofessional caregivers, and a local organization now is looking to raise a matching amount. Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque announced it is partnering with the Theisen family, the owner of Theisen Supply, on fundraising efforts for the planned Dubuque Area...


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