4 travel tips for pet parents

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: Statepoint Media

Traveling with pets?

Whether you’re taking to the skies or the highways and byways, bringing furry friends along for the ride can sometimes be stressful for pets and people alike.

Consider these tips to make the journey easier on everyone:

1. Pack right. Be sure to pack more than enough food and medication for your pet for the duration of your scheduled travels and beyond. You’ll want to make sure that your pet is all set should unforeseen circumstances arise, such as weather-related travel delays. You also should bring with you a water supply for your pet, bowls for food and water, a leash, carrier, a veterinary first aid kit, and of course, your pet’s favorite toys. And if you’re traveling somewhere cold and snowy, pack dog boots to protect paws from snow, ice and salt.

2. Be prepared. Losing a pet is every pet parent’s worst nightmare, particularly when you are in an unfamiliar location. Microchipping however, can help unintentionally separated pets and families reunite safely and happily. This is especially important for jet set pets who often are far from home.

3. Play by the rules. Understand the state-by-state rules for driving with your pet. For example, a handful of states require that dogs be harnessed in the car with a dog seatbelt. Wherever your travels take you, driving with pets harnessed or in a crate is safer for both you and pets. Pets should never distract the driver or sit in the front seat where the impact of the airbag could hurt your pet if deployed.

4. Fly smart. Your pet should be in good health before taking to the skies. If you’re unsure if your pet is fit for air travel, consult your veterinarian. You also should be aware that some airlines have banned particular breeds from flying due to breathing issues caused by the length of their snout. Know the rules and recommendations before booking your flight.

With some smart strategies, you can help ensure your pet stays happy and healthy wherever your travels take you.

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