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When it comes to putting a smile on kids’ faces during the holiday season, video games are a pretty safe bet.

So, how do you make buying decisions that make both kids and parents happy? And how do you choose video games that are fun for kids, but also safe and educational?

Here is what to look for:

Portability and durability

When it comes to handheld gaming devices, they should be designed for little hands, while offering features that will help kids take good care of their gift, like wrist straps that prevent fumbles and protective bumpers when the inevitable occurs.

Devices that don’t require Wi-Fi means kids can play on-the-go — and offer parents the peace of mind of knowing exactly what their kids have access to.

Fun and unique

The best kind of games are those that are so fun, kids don’t even realize they’re learning while playing.

For example, the new RockIt Twist from LeapFrog, a rotatable game system for ages 4-8, offers a unique gaming experience. Games help kids build literacy, math, problem-solving, science, creativity and social-emotional skills through three levels of age-appropriate curriculum. With four sides of colorful, light-up controls that include buttons, dials, a spinner, slider, switch and D-pad, the device comes with 12 pre-loaded games. Additional game packs, sold separately, are easy to download and offer more fun learning opportunities.

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Look for games that can supplement classroom learning. Not only will this type of content help kids excel academically, but it also might help them discover that school is fun.

This holiday season, make sure gaming gifts for kids are fun, entertaining, educational and secure.

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