April 3, 2020
There is not a better confidence booster to a young, teenage girl than to receive invitations from beauty pageants and modeling agencies. I was pushing 6 feet before high school. There were plenty of awkward moments, as I stood out in any crowd. I was flattered that some people in this world think that my...
When infertility blocks your journey to parenthood, you might become weary, overwhelmed, anxious, angry or filled with grief. Infertility is a stressful and frustrating life experience. But there are options to explore that might help with underlying causes of infertility. Visceral manipulation and infertility: Visceral manipulation is a complementary or alternative manual therapy that assesses...
Looking for some out-of-the-ordinary styles? We spoke with a variety of tri-state boutique owners about how shopping locally can be beneficial to both the consumer and to the community. Donna Weber and Monique Butcher are the co-owners of Classy & Chic Boutique, a shop located in Dubuque’s Historic Millwork District. “Most big stores typically have...
Searching the skincare aisles in any store can be overwhelming, to say the least. From cleansers and moisturizers to serums and oils, toners and spot treatments, there are so many options. But what does your skin really need? Sarah Blindert, a skincare specialist and owner of Shivelight Massage and Skincare, said that what you should...
We all know someone who scours listings for the best deals, who visit thrift stores and consignment shops with the obsession of a stalker and who can’t wait to tell you how little they paid for a fabulous outfit. Thrift shoppers are passionate about the art of bargain hunting, and with consignment shops thrown into...
I am positive that in 2020, we are all striving to look our best, while putting in the least amount of effort, day to day. Careers, children and even self-care can occupy our free time and spread us so thin. But putting your best face forward, literally and figuratively, should be mandatory, not optional. It...
Shamika Rainer has never met a challenge she couldn’t stare down. In fact, when asked to describe what she does for a living, she exclaimed proudly, “I’m an entrepreneur. And a trailblazer.” If only we all knew how to summon such confidence. At 33, Rainer is a hairstylist and owner of Luxurious Hair Spa, located...
A colleague of mine recently had her first baby, who at the time of this writing will be 5 months old and chunky as all get out (the baby, not the colleague). The little one also is in the throes of her first fever/cold combo, and no one in her house is getting much sleep....
W ith the unprecedented closure of schools in the area in response to COVID-19, parents are faced with the challenge of keeping their children from boredom. The struggle is real. We feel you. We reached out through social media to Dubuque-area parents to find out what they’ve been doing to keep gray matter and creative...
Imaginative play has long been the trademark of childhood. Dolls, tea parties, dress-up, pretend battles and action figures are what many of us associate with good, old-fashioned child’s play. Parents today face intense criticism about the amount of time children are spending on electronic devices when they could be engaging in imaginative play. Technology has...
If you have employees, you know that the loss of a key player can have a profound impact on business operations. When an employee leaves, customers who dealt directly with that person might worry about receiving their goods or services in a timely manner. Suppliers might be concerned about getting paid for their deliveries. And...
Do you recall when your kids were little, and you went to the doctor with Cheerios in your hair? Well, that is how most caregivers feel, and often, that is how your loved one feels, too. There is so much going on when caregiving is taking place that it really isn’t about beauty and fashion,...
You would think that having almost 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, I would have a lot of tips to share about beauty and fashion. A hairdresser for many years, I would have, in the past, been able to share the latest trends. No problem. But that almost feels like a different life....


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