August 6, 2021
August is here, summer is winding down, and crisp, fall air will soon be upon us. Our children will be returning to school, bringing along new schedules and routines. Unfortunately, this also means cold and flu season is right around the corner. Luckily, there are simple things we can do to keep us healthy and...
Reminisce with me. Go back in time and think of this time of year, when you were younger. Suddenly in mid-August, you would count down to the first day of school. You’d ponder: “What will I choose for my back-to-school wardrobe?” “When will my mom and dad take me to get my school supplies?” “Do...
While in Whole Foods recently, I chuckled at the checkout lane sign for “Fewer Than 12 Items” rather than “less than.” How that would have pleased my dad. He is on my mind as the school year approaches, for he was my first and best teacher, as his mother was his. Though not a teacher...
The sandwich generation is growing, and so are its responsibilities. Across the United States, millions of middle-aged adults struggle with the dual responsibilities of raising a child and caring for an aging parent. They are members of what is commonly called “the sandwich generation.” In fact, a 2018 Pew Research Center analysis of Bureau of...
This past May, I talked to many moms who were excited for the school year to be over and summer vacation to begin. The last month of the school year was jammed packed with concerts, awards ceremonies, sporting activities and other end-of-year celebrations. Summer vacation was looking like a nice break from the full schedules....
When it comes to putting together an outfit for the cooler season, you can never go wrong with a few classic staples. Here are a few quick and easy tips that will help you put together a chic outfit in no time. Wear all (or mostly all) black I don’t make the rules, but black...
For eight years of my life, I went to school dressed in a uniform. Polo shirts in shades of light blue and white paired with a navy and forest green tartan so thick it would have better served as a tablecloth. Hair was required to be natural colors, and you couldn’t wear makeup of any...
Danielle Tuescher likes to see the immediate impact she’s making in the world, whether that’s through teaching yoga, working with families or connecting with the next generation. In fact, her LinkedIn profile lists her as “Social Worker. Educator. Difference Maker.” “Ever since high school, I wanted to have a career that mattered to the world,”...
W e are coming out of a crazy 16 months. While the COVID-19 pandemic did not take up two entire calendar years of our lives, it did impact two school years for our children. That’s right — students in our community have not had a normal school term in two academic years. Even though the...
Summer is coming to an end. You’re ready for the kids to go back to school and, if you’re very lucky, they’re ready to go back, too. But there are a few weeks left before backpacks and buses become part of your daily routine and before the first chilly breaths of autumn make you want...
Fruit, flowers, herbs — nothing says summer more than the bounty from farmers markets or our gardens. Those fresh ingredients that fill our baskets also are the best places to start when crafting summer cocktails. “We’re seasonal drinkers here in the Midwest,” said Christian Kyllonen, a bartender. “Obviously, in summer, you think fresh and fruity.”...


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