November 4, 2022
My husband and I love to watch the show, “Alone,” a competition series where participants try to survive isolated and with limited resources in the wilderness. It’s evident that one of the biggest challenges of being alone for many days, weeks, or even months is the lost connections with family and friends. They choose their...
Hearing “home for the holidays” often conjures memories of family vacations, family dinners and other family activities. However, when you have family that is no longer at home, the holidays might not seem as “Hallmark” as they once did. Holidays can be hard when families are grieving, and the time of year does not make...
Kerri Pomarolli wanted to be an actress. To put it more accurately, she wanted to be a famous actress. “I got my degree in musical theater and knew that Los Angeles — not New York — was the route that I wanted to take,” said the Michigan native who recently relocated to Sacramento, Calif., after...
As you make your way to holiday gatherings this season, be sure to show your hosts gratitude for opening their homes to you. There are many thoughtful ways to thank a holiday host, but the best gestures are those that include personalized touches to leave an impression on the recipient. For example, don’t just bring...
It’s football season, and there’s only one thing to make game day a bigger win: Delicious game day food. Looking to add some kick to kick-off? Take flavor and heat off the bench and put them into the game with these recipes: Classic Buffalo Chicken Wings Ingredients 1/3 cup butter, melted½ cup cayenne pepper hot...
Slathering sauces or seasonings over a chicken or turkey before roasting might produce a beautiful bird, but it can deliver lackluster flavor. That’s why we prefer to season a them under the skin. Sliding spices and aromatic seasonings under the skin boosts flavor by putting the ingredients in direct contact with the meat. The skin...
Here’s a different take on chili. It’s made with black beans instead of kidney beans. These give a lighter texture to the chili and are perfect for a vegetarian meal. The broccoli in this recipe is cut into small pieces that absorb the flavor of the tomato-based sauce. This chili tastes great the second day,...
Stumped for holiday gifts for kids? Brighten the season for little ones by checking out these gift ideas: Unique experiences One-of-a-kind experiences can expand a child’s worldview and help create lifelong memories. There are numerous ideas to consider that will appeal to a broad range of interests. For a sports enthusiast, consider a one-on-one outing...
I am not a shopper; however, this time of year, I find myself in the shopping mood. My shopping sprees are not for me. Instead, I enjoy purchasing gifts to give. My goal is to offer unique gifts that keep on giving throughout the year. These gifts are great for anyone, especially those hard-to-buy-for friends...
The holidays are filled with joy, cheer, family, friends, parties and lots of food. Good, right? But they’re also filled with stress and exhaustion, some of which can be attributed to the brainwork involved in deciding on the perfect gift for each individual on your list. These local artisans produce and sell one-of-a-kind gifts that...
I love to walk home store shop floors early in the mornings before anyone else has arrived. It inspires me. As I walked a floor recently, I was awestruck by the one thing that tied each room together: Fall foliage. Florals are always fantastic, but this season, I felt as though I was seeing them...
Downsizing. Every person at every age has an instinctive reaction to what organizing and downsizing means. Where and how to start, personal impact, as well as possible ramifications from others are all scenarios buzzing around our heads when contemplating a project. For some, the idea of making any decisions halts action. I believe this reaction...
Prepping windows for cold, gusty weather is essential no matter your home’s age, but what exactly needs to be done? Read on for the ultimate breakdown of how to seal windows and protect your home from the winter chill. Step 1 Test for air leaks. Any style of window could have small air leaks that...


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