March 4, 2022
For expectant mothers, a pregnancy always brings changes and adjustments, but the March 2020 lockdown and what followed took that to a whole new level. For many, it brought abrupt changes that often were obsolete within a few hours. In the future, it’s a good bet that stories will be told around dinner tables and...
Sara Steuer knew at age 15 that she did not want to give birth to or raise children. Steuer found meaning in the arts, sketching for herself a future working in a big city. She would live in a loft, make lots of unique friends and perhaps meet a partner. Steuer would travel abroad. That...
Traveling with pets? Whether you’re taking to the skies or the highways and byways, bringing furry friends along for the ride can sometimes be stressful for pets and people alike. Consider these tips to make the journey easier on everyone: 1. Pack right. Be sure to pack more than enough food and medication for your pet...
There are great women all around us at all times. And when you take a look through history, it becomes apparent very quickly that always has been the case. But unfortunately, too many of those trailblazers have gone too long without the recognition that is their due. Here is a list of a few of...
While investing in your health and wellness can sound like an overwhelming goal as a parent, doctors say that there are easy, tangible steps you can take to feel your best and better protect your health. “It is always the right time to consider your personal goals and how you can make positive health choices,”...
For many, the additional isolation and never-ending uncertainty of the past couple of years has led to mental fatigue and burnout. Experts say that no matter your age, turning to play instead of social media can help you feel more like yourself again. “While it’s tempting to constantly reach for our devices to check social...
I have spent a lifetime experimenting with variations on basic instant ramen, with the vague goal of someday reaching noodle soup perfection. As with a lot of things, there were instances when I believed I had reached the pinnacle of homemade ramen, only to see a new idea bubble up, hinting that there could be...
Who doesn’t love Nutella? This dreamy, finger-licking dessert recipe is from the Italian company’s cookbook, “Nutella: 60 Classic Recipes,” by French celebrity chef Gregory Cohen. Along with a history of the chocolate-hazelnut spread, it contains everything from simple cookies, quick breads and small cakes to fancy desserts involving choux pastry. I adapted a recipe for...
So much snow. And nothing to do with it. Or is there? When there is a big snowstorm like we typically get in the Midwest, it is time to make snow ice cream. It is the frozen precipitate equivalent of Jiffy Pop popcorn. That is, it’s as much fun to make as it is to...


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