March 12, 2021
Congratulations! You have a new bundle of joy. There are many changes that occur after the birth of your baby, all of which can be new and exciting. However, what happens when these changes are not welcome? Whether you recently had a baby or if your baby now is in high school, there are several...
Sometimes the best advice comes from someone who’s been there, done that. If you’re resolving to lose that baby weight, why not consider the wisdom of someone who faced this challenge and did so with great success? Morgan Root, an Army veteran, found that after the birth of her second child, the scale kept going...
Children look forward to opening birthday presents and gifts for special occasions. However, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure gifts are safe and appropriate. To help you make savvy selections, from The Toy Association, a leading site for toy safety information, is offering the following guidance: Avoid shady sellers...
With kids and teens spending more time online than ever these days due to social distancing guidelines and remote-learning, you might believe the time is now to graduate them to their very own device. However, as a result of all that additional screen time, families should be doubly sure that kids use their devices safely...
The words “empty nest” have become so synonymous with children leaving home that psychologists even have a term for the parental depression that often accompanies it: Empty nest syndrome. Although we know from the moment they’re born that raising a child to be an independent soul is the end goal, letting go can be painful....
1. Thou shalt offer neither suggestions nor commentary regarding names for thy expected grandchild, even if the proffered name is that of a fruit, an animal or a day of the week. 2. Thou shalt not permit thy grandchild to cheat at games; neither shall thee stop playing until said grandchild has won. 3. Thou...


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