From time to time, the Her Hacks team likes to get out of the hack mines, get some sunshine and have a couple of margaritas (frozen, of course) while enjoying a warm breeze. And sometimes they are pulled out of the mines, put in a library and told to find some hidden gem authors. Both...
Being a parent is about three parts blood, sweat and tears mixed with three parts MacGyver and a dash of drill instructor. In other words, it’s a hard job. But it’s one for which the Her Hacks team is dedicated to helping you be prepared. For our parents’ generation, being prepared often took the form...
In the era of social media, online dating and Netflix and chill there are few pleasures as tactile and satisfying as entertaining. Whether it’s a couple of friends and a bottle of wine or a couple dozen and a homemade antipasto bar, there is a world of face-to-face fun out there just waiting to get...
January is a time of new beginnings. Named after the Roman deity Janus — a two-faced god who looks into the future and past — it’s the time when we start looking forward to a new year and the chance to start fresh. The most common New Year’s tradition is, of course, the resolution. Lose...


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