July 2, 2021
Shamika Rainer has never been one to sit idle. Nor is she the type to wait for opportunity to come knocking. Her motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” For Rainer, it’s a philosophy that has fueled her life’s work. “I create opportunities,” said the 35-year-old with an infectious and vivacious...
The etymology of the word “volunteer” began with the Latin word, “velle,” which means “to wish.” Originally, the word conveyed the feeling of wishing, but later, came to mean the action of wishing, or the will of doing something. The modern-day definition of volunteerism usually is associated with community and the actions of members who...
Everyone has an interest or skill that could be put to good use by volunteering. Perhaps you have an interest in caring for animals, feeding the hungry, tutoring children, building houses for the homeless or responding to disasters around the U.S. or world. Whether you to choose to volunteer by giving of your time, talent...
When it comes to money matters, young parents who are just starting out have a lot to juggle. They might be paying off student loan debt and saving for their first home, all while raising kids. But it’s also a time when young families might be the most financially vulnerable should the unexpected strike. To...
Julie Schulte’s devotion to service keeps her going places. The Dubuquer has responded to natural disasters and other crises 17 times since 2017 as a volunteer for the American Red Cross. “She is compassion in action,” said Jolene Carpenter, disaster program manager for the Red Cross in Dubuque. “She brings an unbelievable skill set and...
While mentoring bright, ambitious younger women has given me abundant joy more than 40 years in journalism, I have come to realize how much my mentees have mentored me. Consider Lori, whom I met in a small writers group when I was a young mother writing freelance for newspapers and magazines, and she was a...
While the 2020-2021 school year has come to a close, there are plenty of ways for local students to keep learning during the summer months. Local educators said keeping kids academically engaged during the summer can help them grow as learners, as well as make the transition back to school in the fall a little...


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