August 4, 2023
Here we go, 2023-2024. As summer break fades into a memory, a new daily routine should be on the horizon. If you’ve struggled in the past to organize and create a family schedule, now’s the perfect time to evaluate your approach and mindset. A new school year can be simple, if we stick to the...
I love writing more when I’m vulnerable with those I’m sharing my thoughts with. I think it makes my writing better when it’s filled with genuine emotion and makes for a better read when those emotions are relatable. As I’m writing this article this month, I am not feeling my best, mentally. I feel stressed...
Whether it’s shuttling the little ones to their after school activities or helping older students cram for their exams, families get super busy, quickly when kids return to school in fall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t regularly sit down together for weeknight dinners. “Parent-chefs can effortlessly turn up the flavor by relying on single-use...
Summer’s winding down, and we’re starting to think about what the upcoming school year will look like. One thing that moms start to consider is how to set their families up for success when schedules get busier and sports begin, creating an increased demand for nutrients to best support their children’s bodies and minds, but...
According to the American Heart Association, 200 years ago, people consumed 22 teaspoons of sugar per year. Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that Americans consume 22-30 teaspoons per day. That is going from five pounds of sugar consumed in a year to an average of 152 pounds per year. Sugar is a popular...
Back to school is a time of new beginnings for kids. Between classroom learning, extracurricular activities, sports and socializing, fun and filling snacks can help kids have a moment away from school-year pressures while also encouraging all that excitement and learning. In fact, nearly 3 in 4 Americans snack at least once per day, according...
Educators and developmental experts discovered that elementary level knowledge should include knowing how to count to 10, dressing one’s self and writing one’s name ( Some of these skills are taught in a school setting, and some are learned at home. What about the life skills that are not taught in school? When should parents...
The time for prepping kids to head back to the classroom is in full swing. In addition to checking off back-to-school supply lists, parents can expect to begin refreshing kids’ wardrobes, including new footwear. Searching for reliable and stylish pairs of shoes is essential for students to start the school year off right. However, the...
Setting your high schooler up for a successful school year all starts with having the right educational tools and personal supplies. Here are the must-have items to add to your cart this back-to-school shopping season: A tablet or eReaderIf you remember your high school years as being defined by lugging heavy textbooks around campus all...
While the flu normally doesn’t blanket the country until late January or February, back-to-school season typically makes us begin to think about what we can do for prevention and treatment for our families. Do you know the difference between the flu and the common cold? They are caused by different viruses but can have some...
When my youngest child started school, I found myself in a new stage of life. I had been a stay-at-home mom and wasn’t sure how to re-enter the workforce. I decided to start by volunteering at my children’s school, and I became hooked. I quickly went from volunteering to working as a paraprofessional, and I...


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