March 19, 2021
Much as MTV and Saturday morning cartoons stood in as de facto parents for our generation, Tik Tok and Instagram are serving in loco parentis for the next generation of tech-obsessed youth. But there is another way. A better way. A hacking way. In hackis parentis, if you will allow a bit of Latin in...
Katherine and Rebekah have seven children between them, degrees in education and psychology, experience as educators and developmental therapists. Parenting experts, right? No, we’re all amateurs. As mother (Katherine) and daughter (Rebekah), we believe “children should be seen but not heard” is pond scum advice. But we also have contrasting experiences. In the 1980s, Katherine...
“When I have kids, they are not going to watch TV.” “When I have kids, they are not going to have such an extreme number of toys.” “Oh, I will never let my kid play video games.” “iPad? Are you kidding me? Never will my kid’s beautiful little eyes be exposed to a screen.” These...
When you’re looking at the college admissions timeline, now is the time for parents to be planning ahead. There are two key items that need to be addressed: Campus visits This is when families need to get serious about which colleges they plan on visiting during spring break, if it’s possible. Surprisingly, some college tours...
As our theme this month is all about parenting, I thought we would discuss how to optimize your caregiving when caring for your children. My expertise is in guiding adults to care for other adults, but the main practices are similar. Caregiving done properly takes much time, energy and attention. Many caregivers don’t realize how...


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