Leadership: Give a gift that keeps on giving

Kathie Rotz PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Del Rosario Contributed

Kathie Rotz PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Del Rosario Contributed

Kathie Rotz PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Del Rosario Contributed

Kathie Rotz PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Del Rosario Contributed

Kathie Rotz PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Del Rosario Contributed

I am not a shopper; however, this time of year, I find myself in the shopping mood.

My shopping sprees are not for me. Instead, I enjoy purchasing gifts to give. My goal is to offer unique gifts that keep on giving throughout the year. These gifts are great for anyone, especially those hard-to-buy-for friends or family members.


The gift of food always is the first creative option I think of when browsing possibilities.

For a young adult, you can choose among subscriptions to food boxes. For puppy owners, you can find a creative toy and treat box. I have seen innovative monthly subscriptions for wine, cookies, fudge, tea, cheese and olive oil. Of course, there also is the Jelly of the Month Club.

When choosing food, make it more meaningful by considering the receiver’s food preferences and allergies. The gift will mean more when they realize how much thought and energy you put into the perfect present.


When my kids were born, my parents opened a mutual fund in their name. Every birthday and holiday, Grandma and Grandpa deposited money into this account.

When the kids were younger, they didn’t fully appreciate this investment; however, when they turned 18, and a statement showing the total value of their account was presented to them, they were thrilled and thankful for this proactive gift.

For one child, this account helped finance college. Another child bought his first car with his savings.

The kids sacrificed more toys during the holidays when they were younger for peace of mind when they needed to purchase more significant items as adults.

For those on your list who don’t need more money, consider donating in their name to their favorite charity. Maybe it’s an organization they volunteer at or a favorite nonprofit radio station.


I’m sure anyone on your list would love a new smartphone or wireless headphones. (I certainly felt privileged when I received the popular Speak & Spell by Texas Instruments when I was younger.) However, let’s think differently about popular technology.

Consider gifting an app. This virtual gift could be a new game or access to robust features on a website.

Last Christmas, my brother gifted me a subscription to Grammarly. He observed my writing and thought this would be an excellent addition to my business. He was right. I use it every month when I write this article. This gift not only benefits me, but it benefits you as you read my articles.


Challenge your loved ones with a gift that keeps their brain growing. Any age might appreciate a new book or registration for an online learning class.

Does anyone on your list want to learn how to play an instrument, decorate cupcakes, or speak a new language? Give the gift of education, like music lessons, cooking classes, or foreign language training.

A great couple’s gift is dance lessons to learn how to ballroom dance to the popular “Christmas Waltz.”

Which of these gifts would you enjoy most?

While creating your lists of gifts to buy, share your wish list with your family and friends, too. They might appreciate a creative idea that keeps giving all year.

Kathie Rotz is an executive leadership coach and speaker with Unity Consulting and the author of “You Have Superpowers” online learning program.

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