June 3, 2022
With warmer weather here, it’s time to deal with the associated household hassles of the season. Here are three hacks that will help you create a healthy, comfortable home during the months ahead: Beat the heat Beyond having your HVAC unit serviced and changing your air filter regularly, you can beat the heat at home...
Hannah Gasper was born with a traveler’s heart. So, it’s a bit of an irony that the 24-year-old Dubuque native doesn’t credit abundant trips in her youth as part of what stoked that fire. “My family was always busy with the sports we were involved in as kids,” Gasper said. “So, I didn’t grow up...
My family didn’t travel much when I was a kid, but when we did, my parents jumped through hoops to cut costs. On a trip to Disney World, for example, our family of six switched hotels. Every. Night. My mom worked for a hotel chain and could get one free night per property. Did my...
My husband and I always have loved to travel, whether that means a weekend road trip, flying to a more distant destination or a Sunday drive to find adventure in our area. That did not change when we had a baby (nor two, three or four). Here are things we’ve learned along the way: Set...
Traveling can be unsettling for animals, and there are things to think about before setting off. Whether traveling by car, air, rail or sea, it’s vital to make sure pets can be accommodated. Where they can be kept is another fundamental thing to think about. Here is what to consider: Suitability of the breed If...
If you’re taking a stroll in downtown Dubuque, it doesn’t take long for bold splashes of color to capture the wandering eye. Love it or hate it, street art has emerged as a popular form of public expression, taking the once-blank canvases of city buildings and transforming them into large-scale works of art. The Dubuque...
For tri-state residents, the prime season for outdoor fun has arrived. The area is home to all manner of opportunities to get outdoors, with dozens of county and state parks offering opportunities for hiking, biking, paddling, camping and other activities. Those opportunities include some of the area’s most well-known natural areas, such as Mines of...
Vacations are a time for adventures, relaxation and capturing every moment so that you can relive the excitement after the trip is over. I have captured holiday memories with pictures, videos and journals through the years. Not all of these memory souvenirs were created with today’s high-tech options. Homemade scrapbooks were created in vintage, self-adhesive...
Do you have a high school senior planning for upcoming photos? If you do, lets take a walk through tips and tricks to assure a fun and enjoyable day of photography, makeup, hair and clothing options. How do I select clothing for my high school senior portraits? As someone on the opposite side of the...
If I told you that I could write a prescription for you that would positively impact everything in your life, would you take it? It would improve your health, creativity, sleep, relationships, increase mood, lower blood pressure and stress, increase your energy levels, boost your brain power, promote a healthy heart, promote positive emotional growth...
Whether you love to dig in dirt or simply admire the work of those who do, an opportunity to view the fruits of that labor, as well as learn a few tricks of the trade, are planned this month. Presented in conjunction with the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Master Gardeners and Dubuque County...
We are nearly through 2022, and so many of us are ready for a vacation. The idea of vacation means something different to everyone. Vacations can range from a home staycation or a quick, overnight visit to someone’s home or a local attraction. You might have a camper, a plan to relax at your reserved...
As the days grow long and the weather warms, you’re likely spending more time outdoors. Whether you’re taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood or competing in a triathlon, keep these five sunny season tips in mind: 1. Replenish fluids. It’s easy to become dehydrated when you’re active. Replenish your fluids by drinking plenty of...
It’s a treat to savor wild salmon at this time of year. The season started May 1 and runs through August. Here’s a new and easy way to cook salmon: Place salmon cubes on skewers and grill or broil them. Zucchini and cherry tomatoes also are included in the kabobs. I like to place them...


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