April 1, 2022
Kate McIntosh likes to be surrounded by the beauty of what she loves most — and she finds it in places others might not think to offer a second glance. “I like to find recycled uses for older things,” she said. It’s evident as soon as one sets foot inside the space she has worked...
The world of fashion often conjures images of haute couture, high-paid models on the catwalk and trendy clothing with expensive price tags. But some fashion designers are delving into what has become known as fashion activism — using their designs and their high profiles to advocate for social change. For Katie Martinez, the owner of...
A Dubuque business owner was honored last month with a statewide award recognizing her work as an entrepreneur. Erica Brewer, owner of Belle Allure Minkz and Boutique, received the Deb Dalziel Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award from America’s SBDC Iowa. The program is hosted by Iowa State University and is an affiliate of the...
With winter officially over, we are entering the wedding season. Wedding planning can be stressful. This stress has been enhanced during the past few years due to the added stress of a pandemic and ever-changing guidelines. Brides-to-be are under more strain than ever before. Appropriate self-care during this period is essential. Self-care is taking time...
There are some things that just make sense to have in the bathroom: towels, soap and your toothbrush. You likely store quite a few other things there, too, like razors and makeup and even medications. Not all of these should be stored in the same room — where you take hot showers, however. Here are...
Creating clean beauty is a standalone style of makeup artistry. Clean beauty and the “no-makeup, makeup” look go hand-in-hand to showcase a fresh, skin-focused face. The look is soft, complimentary and suitable for all age ranges and skin types. Here are the key points of the clean beauty look: Supple skin Skin is the foundation...
Hot styling tools, coloring and chemical processes all can lead to the same thing: Dull, dry locks that tangle easy. “Many of the styling steps we take to look our best can ultimately leave our hair looking flat and dull,” said Jonathan Colombini, L’Oréal Paris creative director of Style & Color. “Fortunately, there are some...
As this month’s magazine theme is fashion, I wanted to highlight the balance between fashion, comfort and function. Did you know that more than three million people age 50 or older require some form of help when dressing? This data was published in the latest National Health Interview Survey. We all know that when we...
When is it appropriate to use black in home decor? Once considered harsh, black is now more popular than ever and often is the go-to color for those looking for an elegant, upscale vibe. Black offers the opportunity to infuse a bold and luxurious look into nearly any space. When using black, there are some...
Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular, as well as one of the most rewarding, home improvements. A new kitchen design can make that space a more functional, compelling heart of your home, in addition to increasing your home’s resale value. The average cost of a kitchen remodel is between $13,475 and $38,170, according...
Beauty and fashion is all around us. Our clothing and accessories are visual ways we display our image in an effort to stay current with the latest trends. It’s safe to say that many designs come and go, but there classic choices stand the test of time. The concept of beauty and fashion relates to...
Have you ever noticed a pimple pop up during times of stress? What about fatigued or dry skin? Chronic stress can show up on the skin, making it appear dull and tired and even leading to acne, redness or general discomfort. Continual stress also is one of the top contributors to making inflammatory skin conditions...
The social media platform is filled with easy recipe hacks that can change the way you cook — for the better. What’s one thing you’ve recently learned that forever changed the way you do an everyday task? For me, it was that an egg and some chili crisp could transform packaged ramen into an actual...
Kale salads might be all the rage, but served raw, the sturdy green can be off-puttingly tough. So we looked at its cousin, cabbage, for clues on how to tame the texture without cooking it. Kimchi and sauerkraut recipes use a salt massage to soften leaves, and we were pleased to find the same technique...


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