January 21, 2021
If you’re going to think positive during a pandemic, then one thing you should add to your list is self-care. And Faces MedSpa aims to help with that. Daniel Givens, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, and his staff have been in their new office home on Cedar Cross Road for a little more than...
Who knew that when Mom was admonishing us young hackers to sit farther away from the television because it would damage our eyes that she was not only right but also prescient? One of the many challenges of our modern world is the omnipresence of screens. Screens for work, screens for play, screens in our...
It is the new year, and I am going to take a wild guess as to what your resolution is going to be? Does it have anything to do with weight loss or wellness? I am betting so, considering that almost 50% of the population resolutions are just this. So, what will it be? Cutting...
The New Year is the perfect time to hit “reset” and start over with fresh dental habits that can help improve your health. “As we move into the new year, so many of us are looking at our health and wellness through a new lens,” said Ruchi Sahota, American Dental Association spokesperson. “Your oral and...
I was startled when a young woman I know — a promising scientist — said she is grateful for her learning disabilities because they enable her to peer through a unique prism and appreciate others who are different in other ways. Similarly, I’m (almost) glad I had cancer because it profoundly changed my view of...


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