Spring cleaning: Time to spruce up your routine

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Falling short of your goals? In a period of stagnation? It might be time to spring clean your routine.

Here are a few tips and ideas for getting more done with greater ease:

1. Spruce up your settings. Do you find some of the push notifications on your phone distracting? Give yourself the gift of fewer beeps and buzzes by spending just a few minutes reviewing and changing the notification settings of your apps.

2. Squeeze in self-care. Taking regular breaks from your work is essential. Not only are these interludes good for your mind and body, they can help you be more creative and productive.

3. Reduce mealtime stress. If weeknight dinners are rushed and chaotic but you don’t want to resort to takeout more than once or twice per week, try subscribing to a meal kit service that delivers all the ingredients and instructions you need to create delicious and wholesome home-cooked meals.

The good news is that many such services have ever-changing menus, as well as flexible options for those who are on special diets. These kits can also be a good way for kitchen novices to master basic culinary skills before embarking on more complicated efforts.

4. Stay focused. Everyone is overscheduled these days. Having tech tools handy that keep you task-oriented can help ensure you never miss an important meeting or appointment.

5. Write it down. On the first of each month, take a few moments to jot down any goals you have for the month ahead, as well as any habits you want to start or stop. Take time to note how you are planning to fulfill your objectives. At the end of the month, review what worked and what didn’t.

Getting out of a rut can be as simple as making a few tweaks to your routine. Lean on tools and strategies designed to help.

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