May 6, 2024
This time of year has long been a favorite of Jenna Hirtz. “I grew up in the country, and my dad and mom were big veggie and flower gardeners,” she said. “From a young age, there was always a lot of love for nature and conservation.” Now 27, Hirtz serves as the executive director of...
Welcome to spring. March was a prime example that seasons change and not always as expected. Comparable to life, our circumstances and our need for stuff also change. The tradition of spring cleaning is in effect. Garage sales are scheduled, kids are rediscovering seasonal activity items or requesting new things to keep them occupied indoors...
Home is a very touching subject for me. May also is for mothers. I wanted to take this month to acknowledge all mothers and wish them a happy Mother’s Day. March 14 marked six years since I lost my mother. Days later, on March 20, I also lost someone very special to me who I’ve...
Slender asparagus and fresh ricotta are easy to find in spring, and these savory crespelle offer a winning combination of the seasonal favorites. Adapted from a recipe from Tuscan food writer and chef Giulia Scarpaleggia, the two ingredients are paired in a fresh and creamy filling for lacy, tender homemade crepes that can either be...
Warmer weather, colorful flowers and gloriously sunny skies aren’t the only things that put spring on people’s lists as the best season. If you’re a cook, May is when you can look forward to a bounty of fresh herbs, tender lettuces and green vegetables not just in the grocery store, but at local farmers markets....
When choosing what kind of plants to put down in your yard, you likely focus on the what and the where. After all, a beautiful plant in a prime location enhances curb appeal and even bragging rights. You might pay less attention though to understanding your plant hardiness zone and all the ramifications that come...
The perfect landscape might start with a healthy, lush lawn, but for interest and depth, you’ll also need to consider the plants that surround it. Thankfully, it’s easy to make considerable improvements to your backyard life using tips from professionals. Landscape designer Doug Scott offers these tips for selecting and installing plants that will beautify...
Dubuque County Master Gardeners’ annual Tour of Gardens will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, June 22. Six gardens will be featured on the tour, as well as three mini educational workshops. Tickets are $8 in advance, available at the Iowa State University Extension office until Friday, June 14. Tickets the day...
Let’s talk about a game-changer for women’s wellness that’s literally right outside your door: Your herb garden. Sure, these little green wonders make your food taste amazing, but did you know they’re also packed with health perks? Let’s dish on how growing herbs can level up your health game. Stress relief and mental zen Life...


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