Style at Home: How to create the perfect office

PHOTO CREDIT: Tribune News Service

PHOTO CREDIT: Tribune News Service

PHOTO CREDIT: Tribune News Service

PHOTO CREDIT: Tribune News Service

PHOTO CREDIT: Tribune News Service

PHOTO CREDIT: Tribune News Service

PHOTO CREDIT: Tribune News Service

The home office has seen quite the resurgence these last few years.

With more and more companies switching to work-from-home or hybrid schedules, it is only natural that we want to create a space for ourselves to buckle down and get things done while at home.

However, office spaces aren’t just for full-time employees. We all need a place to pay the bills, go through paperwork and keep our computers charging.

So how do you set up a productive area without losing the charm of your home aesthetic you have worked so hard to achieve? It is all in the details, my friends.

For those who work from home on a regular basis and need a dedicated room, I like to start with the bigger items and work my way down to the finishing touches. That means bringing in the desk first.

It is important to ask yourself what you need from your desk, as it should be a practical yet beautiful item. It may turn out that what you really need is a small table or delicate writing desk.

However, when it comes to the focal point of an office, a majestic desk is hard to beat. The most important thing is to take the time to find one that fits with the scale and function of your space.

Now that you have your desk, the next step is a place to sit down and get busy. Picking out a chair for your office is a big decision! There are so many better options beyond a basic computer chair that offer comfort along with style.

I like to add a pop of texture with my chair choices, so I tend to gravitate toward finely patterned upholstered styles or even rich classic leather seating. I love the elegance of a wingback chair in an office, but standard sized chairs can create just as much of an impact in the right fabric. When adding on guest seating, sometimes keeping your desk chair simple is the best option so it doesn’t overwhelm your room (or your guests!).

Storage and shelfing is a must-have in any home office. I collect books and baubles like you wouldn’t believe, so having adequate shelving is at the top of my must-have list. Large case goods that sit up against the wall are a space-saver and a wonderful addition to any room, but especially an office.

Mixing in your books and accessories is a great way to keep frequently used items on hand without sacrificing your desired aesthetic. Not having a place to hide my papers also is a great motivation to keeping my office space clean and tidy.

No room for a full office in your home? Try out a “cloffice.” I have seen these closet-turned-office hybrids popping up all over the place. Better Homes and Gardens recently did a wonderful how-to on converting your small storage space into a functional work area. What I love is that despite the lack of square footage, there is still plenty of room to show style and personality.

Katie Laughridge is the owner of Kansas City interior design destination Nell Hill’s.

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