November 9, 2023
When I was a college student, I was living in a fifth-floor walk-up apartment in downtown Iowa City. The apartment was on the top floor of a converted seminary/converted office building and, consequently, had a tiny kitchen — maybe 6-feet long by 3-feet wide, but my very first. And it was here that I began...
W hen it comes to fall fruit, it’s hard to beat the versatility of the humble apple. Gala and the ubiquitous Red Delicious tend to be the most popular for eating out of hand, but sweet-tart cultivars such as Honeycrisp and the bright green, citrusy-tart Granny Smith also are great for a quick after-school or...
In a world where women play diverse and crucial roles, their health and well-being should be a top priority. Nutrition, as a foundational aspect of overall health, is particularly significant for women. A well-balanced diet can help women navigate the unique challenges they face, from hormonal fluctuations to various life stages. The use of nutrition...


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