October 26, 2023
March 29, 2018, marked a pivotal turning point in the life of Callie Mescher FitzGerald. It was the day her longtime partner, Tom Howe, took his life, leaving behind Mescher FitzGerald and their daughter, Ruby, who was only a few months old. The Cascade, Iowa, native was living in Denver at the time, having studied...
My husband and I exchange looks as soon as we see a pregnant person show up on the television screen because he knows I’m about to say things like, “What?” “Really?!” and “Why?” I understand that writers are trying to make their shows exciting, but the images shown often cannot be further from the reality...
Having to make dinner night after night can be a drag any time of year, but it can feel even more like a chore in the fall if you have kids in school. After the (relatively) relaxed days of summer, it can take a while to get back into the rhythm, routine and energy of...


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