April 13, 2023
Many prioritize skin protection when spending time outdoors, but skin damage from UV rays and free radicals can occur inside, too. Consider these tips and insights this spring and summer: Indoor and outdoor hazards If you’re already taking measures to protect skin while outdoors, that’s great. The sun is responsible for up to 90% of...
Looking to stay motivated and achieve your personal goals? New shoes might just be the answer. Not only can they update your wardrobe, helping you look and feel your best, but they also can support your physical and mental wellness, help you try out new hobbies, and even take small steps towards a more sustainable...
From fitness conscious consumers to busy moms who always are on the go, casual athletic attire has become a socially acceptable and on-trend style. It’s so popular, it carries its own name: Athleisure. It might sound like a piece of cake to dress in casual clothing. However, avoiding a “just rolled out of bed look”...
With summer just around the corner, it is a great time to go over the basics of safe sunscreen use. Sunscreen, sun protection factor 30 or higher, is recommended daily, 365 days per year. It’s not just for fun-in-the-sun days and it is recommended for everyone, no matter what skin tone. Not wearing sunscreen increases...
I grew up on the west side of Chicago. The city has given birth to many popular fashion trends and put a spotlight on Chicago designers. Many up-and-coming entrepreneurs sell their original designer sweat suits or jumpers. Matching sets are popular. When the sun comes out, that means tank tops and matching shorts and always...


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