December 4, 2020
Fashionable and comfortable always are the goal, especially when you are entertaining at home. These four outfit ideas will help you put together stylish, yet doable outfits for your hosting events — even if those events are a little smaller than usual this year. 1. Knit pants + knit sweater + sparkly flats Knit pants...
Question: How do you tell your family you won’t be coming over for the holidays this year? Answer: The best way to handle this is similar to any other event you attend. If you knew you would not be able to attend an event, the proper etiquette would be to RSVP as soon as you...
The holiday brunch is a long-held tradition for many families. And while this year’s brunch might not include that big extended family gathering like it usually does, there is some warm and fuzzy feelings to be had at the table with immediate family. So, break out the Christmas china and those special recipes that only...
They say there’s no place like home for the holidays. Cathi Olson and her team at Ooh La La and Creative Touch Gallery would concur. Beginning in November, the paired Dubuque home decor and art and framing shops began the task of prepping tri-state homes for the holidays. Additionally, Ooh La La began its transformation...
We are celebrating the winter holidays during a unique time in our history. There are many feelings swirling in our minds as we contemplate what life will look like in the weeks ahead — worry, fear, confusion, anger and sadness to name a few. While most of us want to make this holiday season as...
As Americans, we can take pride in the fact that we are a nation of givers. And as the economy improves, charitable giving is on the rise. In fact, according to the National Philanthropic Trust, in 2016, total charitable giving from U.S. individuals, corporations, foundations and bequests exceeded $390 billion, with 72% coming from individuals....
As the New Year draws near, a sigh of relief is anticipated, along with the hopeful promises of a fresh start. While end-of-year celebrations are likely to look different due a lack of gathering in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, New Year’s Eve parties have an opportunity to be festive, with champagne flowing, hors d’oeuvres...


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