Road-tripping this summer? Keep these tips in mind

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Whether you’re day tripping with family, taking a week-long vacation with gal pals, or doing a cross-country solo drive, summer road trips of all kinds can be long and exhausting. The good news? There are plenty of ways to improve the experience.

Here are a few:

Great snacks

Road trip snacks are non-negotiable. They make car rides of any length brighter and keep drivers and passengers happy and fueled for the miles ahead.

It’s best to have a mix of snack options that are easy to eat in the car or at roadside stops. Carrot sticks, pretzels and nuts make great savory choices.

Refreshing breaks

Making great time shouldn’t come at the expense of you or your traveling companions’ comfort.

Beyond typical bathroom breaks and pit stops, consider visiting points of interest along the route. Ideally, these detours shouldn’t add too much additional mileage to your odometer or time on the road, but instead, be designed to break up the trip in manageable chunks.

From a natural landmark to a beautiful view, the experiences will emotionally and physically rejuvenate your party for the next leg of the journey.

Games and music

Entertainment can help the miles pass more quickly.

If you’re driving alone, prep a great playlist or download some audiobooks or podcasts in advance of the trip so you aren’t distracted by flipping through your device while driving. Try giving each hour of the journey a different theme — such as songs of a specific genre or from a particular decade, or by letting passengers take turns being the DJ.

You also can pass the time playing classic road trip games, such as “I Spy” and “Twenty Questions.”

Keep passengers in the backseat occupied, particularly little ones, by supplying them with portable versions of their favorite board games.

Sustainable tweaks

It’s easy to reduce your impact on the environment on road trips, and doing so will make you and your travel companions feel better and more energized about your journey.

Try turning off the AC and feeling the fresh breeze from open windows to reduce your fuel use. When it comes to hydration, bring reusable water bottles and refill them at rest station water fountains.

You also can select snacks wisely.

With delicious snacks and fun games and detours, a road trip doesn’t just have to be a means to an end, it also can be a relaxing and fun part of your vacation.

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