Set up for SUCCESS

Before the school year kicks in to high gear, it’s important to give yourself the tools needed for academic success and maximum organization.

Here are six ideas to set up the perfect workstation:

1. Clear up clutter

First, determine how you use items. If paperwork is referenced multiple times per week, store it on your desk in a file tray or upright sorter. If you use these items more rarely, you can store them in a drawer using a hanging filing system. Likewise, keep the tools you use most — pens, pencils, calculator on your desk. A compartmental caddy is a tidy way to store such items of varying sizes.

2. Give it some life

Plants can help liven up a work atmosphere, bringing vitality to the space. Improving indoor air quality and being associated with mental health benefits, houseplants are more than just beautiful. And introducing them to a workstation might just help boost productivity during long study sessions.

3. Visualize it

Great for prepping school presentations or easily viewing documents, a projector is a great addition to a student’s workstation. Look for those that feature high-brightness and are low-maintenance, making them a good choice for students.

4. Write it down

No workstation is complete without a handy notebook, kept close by. Whether it’s making to-do lists, jotting down quick thoughts or taking notes, this is a must-have item, even in today’s digital world.

5. Add it up

A basic desktop calculator is essential to any student’s workstation. Some feature 12 digits and run on both battery and solar power, so you can work anywhere. And with independent memory, you easily can take breaks from tasks and return to them later.

6. The right light

If possible, set up workstations near sources of natural light for a mood and focus boost. For nighttime study sessions and for those without windows, high-quality task lighting is critical. Versatility is key, so look for a desk lamp with an adjustable neck as well as dimming capabilities. For space-savers, check out desk lamps pulling double-duty — many of today’s models feature USB charging ports at their base.

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