Combine fun with function: Easy home office updates

If you work from home, brightening up your office can bring a sense of fresh energy to your workspace.

Family organizing expert Jessica Litman, also known as “The Organized Mama,” shares her pro tips to creatively update your space.

Unique storage options

Large plastic tubs can offer practical storage solutions, but for a more stylish look, change things up with woven baskets or colored boxes.

“Regular tubs can be a quick way to organize,” Litman said. “But if you’re looking to create a chic appearance, try storing your files in a wire-framed basket for texture, or collapsible storage cube for a cool burst of color.”

Label the baskets to keep things organized.

Power of plants

Add nature-inspired hues to your office with a houseplant, either fake or real. Faux plants require no maintenance and can brighten a workspace. Real plants provide the added benefit of clarifying the air and can be tailored to the environment of your office, whether you have a sunny window or a more shaded space.

“Plants have been proven to reduce stress, especially during those winter months,” Litman said. “Adding a fresh, easy-to-care-for plant is a great way to help boost morale on long work-from-home days.”

Case closed

Create a tablet or laptop case that’s customized to you.

“So many people like to personalize phone cases or bags,” Litman said. “But creating laptop or tablet cases can add personality and vibrancy to office equipment.”

Shifting schedules

Use acrylic or dry erase boards, poster boards or cork as a blank slate to customize into a weekly or monthly chart. Adding items with colored markers or tape can be a way to stay ahead of due dates and meetings, as well as highlight important assignments or contacts.

Pens and pencils down

Jazz up your desk décor with pencil cups, a stapler or sticky note holder to keep office supplies organized and fabulous.

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