5 interior design trends to use in your home in 2022

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

After learning to live life more remotely in 2020 and 2021, it’s time to view 2022 as a fresh start.

To help you adopt a new, balanced way of living, interior designer Taniya Nayak is sharing five home interior design trends meant to inspire spaces that will welcome guests, while incorporating the special intimacies that might have been rediscovered from slowing down. Each trend can be used for a full home makeover or incorporated into little touches to freshen up a space.

1. Embrace. Embrace everything that is good in your life and create a sense of comfort, warmth and security. Nayak recommends cozy textures and a palette of mellow coral, subtle orange, soft green and creamy shades of white and brown to achieve this look in spaces like bedrooms or family rooms. A simple and stylish way to incorporate this into a room is to add a coat of paint to a textured basket for a pop of color. Then, fill it with plenty of plush blankets to complete the cozy look and feel.

2. Rise. Give a fresh perspective to your existing space with the Rise trend. Inspired by the morning light peeking through the shades, incorporating this trend into your bedroom or bathroom is bound to invigorate and motivate you. For example, add a coat of green paint to your closet door for a nice pop of color to an area where you start your day.

3. Gather. Gathering with friends and family has been long awaited, so set the mood and ambience just the way you imagined it. Inspired by the depth of conversations with loved ones, the Gather trend embraces rich, dark tones like navy, teal or forest green. Incorporate this trend by painting the focal point of a room, like kitchen cabinets or the living room fireplace. Or, add bold, dark details with furniture and artwork. You can keep it subtle by creating custom centerpieces dipped in paint and wrapped in twine.

4. Revive. Revive your home with soothing and vibrant shades of pink, orange and blue to create a balance of motivated yet satisfied. Consider adding a vibrant paint color to old, worn-down details like a front door, nightstand or kitchen table. It might feel out of context or out of character, but give it a try.

“This trend can be described as carefree, festive and fun,” Nayak said. “Whatever it is that makes you happy. Go for it.”

5. Shine. The Shine trend is all about letting your true self shine. Implement this trend in any room throughout your home by embracing every color of the rainbow and visually displaying what’s in your heart.

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