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We asked local moms what they do for a little “me time.” Here’s what they had to say. Hopefully, you’ll find some ideas for self-care.

“I love to go for a hike. When I’m out, I look for fun things to take photos of and share with my daughter. I also love to just go out and catch live music around the area. So much talent!” — Michaela Freiburger, 30, Dubuque

“I love going for coffee/Starbucks on Saturday mornings with a friend. Sometimes, a trip to Target alone can feel like a vacation as I slowly wander the store.” — Raena Pape, 31, Dubuque

“I teach Zumba as my ‘me time’ because I love the energy it gives me as a new mom!” — Katie McFarland, 36, Potosi, Wis.

“MOPS! Moms of Preschoolers meetings were a life-line support group for me during my time in Dubuque! Adult conversation, all-in-the-same-boat support, snacks, childcare, can’t say enough good things … working moms, stay-at-home moms, all moms of preschoolers!” — Colleen Walker, 35, Williams Bay, Wis. (formerly of Dubuque)

“The only ‘me time’ I seem to find for myself is my Saturday and Sunday early morning routine. I get up extra early, grab the same drink from Dunkin’ Donuts and the dog, and I go for a ride through the Mines of Spain. Windows down, no radio. Just my coffee and quiet reflection time. Then, by the time I walk through the door, she wakes up (without fail) and it’s 100% Mom Mode the rest of the day until she goes to sleep.” — Christine Ahlvin-Kruse, 36, Dubuque

“I love to go for a run, teach spin, get massages. Puts me in a better mindset to do all the things.” — Emily Snedden, 36, Dyersville, Iowa

“Treadmill time in the depth of winter and outdoor runs when the weather allows. It seems to be the only time that provides me with head space that is completely mine. Maybe it’s the headphones that blocks out all other noise, including my kids yelling and stomping around. Afterward, I feel like a completely new person and can go back to ‘momming’ with a brighter perspective and greater patience and tolerance.” — Jessie Rebik, 40, Dubuque

“Love my creative coloring book, reading, listening to music and dancing in the kitchen. Hanging out with other moms is always good for your soul and mind.” — Hillary Koetz, 39, Balltown, Iowa

“I am implementing ‘me time’ every couple of weeks, where I don’t have to be a wife or mom. I can just be myself. Go to the library, get my nails done, a massage, long walk or catching up with a friend, anything that frees me from responsibility for a little bit!” — Justine Paradiso, 32, Dubuque

“When my kids go to sleep during the weekdays, I like to relax with Netflix, my journal and a hot cup of tea or cider. My best ‘me time’ are those days where I don’t work, and my kids have school. A trip to Target, accompanied by no time restraints, is such a treat.” — Mandy Diercks, 37, Kieler, Wis.

“Going to the gym, sitting down to read, or connecting with friends. When your kids are at home, you take for granted opportunities to see friends you’ve developed through your children’s activities. It’s become important to me to maintain those connections. Mine are 19 and 21.” — Patty Poggemiller, 53, Dubuque

“Now that my kids are school-aged, I drown myself in awful reality TV shows. Also, I try at least once a week or two to have a day from drop off to pick up with my best friend. Our nights are crazy so this is now our mom nights out.” — Courtney Goodendorf, 38, Dubuque

“I love to run, especially outside when the weather allows, or on the treadmill when I can’t be outside. I also like a good workout and sitting in my sauna, as well as coffee and Bible study with friends, or reading a personal development book.” — Meghan Wagner, 39, Dubuque

“I like reading. I created a relaxing corner next to a window in my bedroom with a little table for tea and a candle. My newest addition to the experience is going to River Lights and perusing for new books. I also like hiking and going to Pilates at Statera.” — Melissa Pape, 43, Dubuque

“I will have breakfast or lunch by myself and thoroughly enjoy it.” — Britni Farber, 36, Dubuque

“I put my AirPods in and pipe out Coldplay while painting my nails. It’s soothing to me to get them perfect, and I have to sit and relax while they dry. My family knows that’s my time, and they leave me alone.” — Shannon Krapfl, 40, Dubuque

“ Well, since I am a new mommy soon to our adoptive daughter, I find that having one day for us is so nice! Mondays are our mommy/daughter days. Now, I know many can’t take a whole day. But I found that it helps so that when I do have to run my business, I don’t feel so guilty. I also get up earlier so that I can get some things done that I need to before she wakes up. It’s a hard balance, that’s for sure! A life-changer! I also now really look at what’s important. It changes your prospective in a good way! I skip some things because now, we want to spend time with our daughter. I feel like we make better family decisions now!” — Rylynn McQuillen, 34, Dubuque

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