Reflection: A time for dreams and wishes

Rasharra Smith PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Rasharra Smith PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Rasharra Smith PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Rasharra Smith PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Rasharra Smith PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Rasharra Smith PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Rasharra Smith PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

The holidays should be filled with joy and magic. But the older we get, the more it seems the magic is running out.

Christmas is the time to make dreams and wishes come true. However, we often are so busy helping others achieve their dreams that we neglect our own.

As adults, we carry a lot on our plate, especially this time of year. We spend tons of money buying gifts for loved ones, on groceries for dinner, and let’s not forget the tree and every penny we spend on Christmas lights and ornaments.

While we splurge to turn our homes into the North Pole, we also budget to pay the bills. Debt collectors don’t stop calling just because it’s the season for giving. And Jack Frost will be nipping for sure if we can’t keep the heat on.

While everyone takes and takes and we give and give more of ourselves to please everyone around us, we forget to take care of ourselves.

This year for Christmas, remember to take steps toward your hopes and dreams. While the kids write their lists for Santa, we can write our list — a list of goals and affirmations.

Christmas is a time to envision our wildest desires. Writing a list of those desires is a form of manifestation. Manifestation is a tool for attracting the things you want in life by using thoughts and emotions. It’s all about having a positive mindset, which is important during the stressful holiday season.

A few tips on writing your list: Picture what you want. What do you wish to achieve? What are your biggest goals? Think about this in great detail. Visualize it happening to you.

Next, write it down. The written word is powerful. You can write it as a wish list or as affirmations. Some examples might be, “receive an offer for a higher paying job,” or “I will get promoted.”

Finally, read it out loud. The power of the tongue is magnificent. Read your goals and affirmations, speaking them into existence. However, figuring out what you want is just half the part. You have to put the work in.

We work so hard for the people in our lives, at home and at work. We have to find the time to work for ourselves.

I enjoy doing things for others and making the ones I care for smile, even when it takes a lot out of me. I’ve had to learn recently that I have to care for myself just the same and make myself smile.

My Christmas goal list looks a lot like “go to the gym twice per week,” “finally use my new yoga mat,” “journal once per day for 10 minutes.” These are just a few of the things I want to accomplish to make myself feel good.

There’re also things on my list like a new laptop and new boots — because who wouldn’t wish for new boots?

I’ve written down the things I want and need so that I can start putting myself first.

It’s the time for dreams and wishes. And I’m going to be sure mine don’t get forgotten.

Rasharra Smith is a student at the University of Dubuque.

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