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Looking back 10 years, we met love in a completely different way than we do today.

Dating apps, social media and video calls have made it much easier for us to meet new people. Our dating habits are, as many other things, changing in time.

Experts from the global dating app happn have predicted the dating trends for 2020.

Marine Ravinet, head of trends at happn explains, “If you’ve encountered dating disappointments or disasters, the way you describe the experience can sometimes help to make light of the situation.

Cultural references and puns feature heavily in the terms that we predict will break through in 2020 to describe some of the dramas of finding love.”

Term: Keanu-ing (inspired by Keanu Reeve’s new, unexpected girlfriend).

Usage: “He did a total Keanu. I wouldn’t have put them together at all.”

Definition: When you get together with someone new, and it’s a match that surprises people.

Term: Flatlining.

Usage: “The conversation just went dead. Totally flatlined. It was so awkward.”

Definition: When a conversation goes dead and no one knows how to resurrect it.

Term: Stiletto proof.

Usage: “Are you sure he’s stiletto proof?” or “I want a stiletto proof date.”

Definition: Is your date tall enough for you to wear heels without towering half a meter above them?

Term: Dateox.

Usage: “I did a dateox yesterday, and now, I only have people I actually talk to on my dating app.”

Definition: A wording for cleansing among your crushes in dating apps. It can be lovely to get a lot of crushes, especially if you are uncertain of what you are looking for. Although, during 2020 quality wins over quantity.

Term: Climate dating.

Usage: “She mentioned that the environmental issue is important to her, so I bought clothes second hand and chose the vegetarian option at the restaurant. I hope she noticed.”

Definition: A word for dating potential mates that share your concerns about environmental issues.

Term: Who is it?

Usage: “I really had a typical case of ‘who is it’.”

Definition: A potential date only has profile pictures with other men on it. You think you know who it is, but on the first date, you find out that you’ve been chatting with someone else all this time.

Term: Deflexing.

Usage: “I’ve asked him out on a second date, but he deflexed me.”

Definition: When someone openly ignores a question asked via chat message, such as, “When will we see each other again?” and they discuss a completely different subject to avoid answering what you asked in the first place.

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