Kitchen tool roundup

When it comes to getting your hands dirty in the kitchen, the good news is that with today’s kitchen tools, you don’t always have to.

We took a spin to Galena, Ill.’s The Grateful Gourmet to check out what’s hot in the world of cooking utensils and tools. Here are nine customer and store favorites in stock:

OXO Hand Held Spiralizer: Boasting an easy-to-use sharp blade that’s dishwasher safe, you can create curly noodles from fruits and veggies in seconds. $16.99.

Chef’N Flexicado Avocado Slicer: No more green fingernails. Slice your avocado quickly and with ease, featuring stainless steel blades. Pair it with the Avocado Keeper Storage Container Pod, perfect for the other half of the avocado. $7.99 (slicer), $4.99 (pod).

Chef’N Zipstrip Herb Zipper: Avoid plucking and chopping with this handy device. Simply pull the herb stem through the appropriately sized hole, and collect the herbs from the collection spoon. $7.99.

Chef’N Garlic Zoom: This little concoction gives a whole new meaning to playing with your food. Place a clove of garlic in the copper, and wheel it back and forth as it minces. $9.99.

Prodyne Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher: Offering multi-use, it can serve as a standard beverage container, with ice to keep drinks cool without water dilution and with fruit to give your beverage an extra something. $26.99.

The Wand: Designed by PureWine, this contraption is said to purify wine and remove sulfites and histamines — the stuff of which hangovers are made of. Wave it through your glass of wine, let it sit for eight minutes and bottoms up! $10.99.

The Original Cheese Knife: Designed to allow cheese to slide off the knife and onto your plate with ease, it also can be used with butter, boiled eggs, cake and other substances that stick. $18.99.

Shred Machine: With a few handle rotations, shred everything from chicken, beef and pork quickly and effortlessly. $22.99.

Brown Sugar Bear: Place the water-soaked bear into a container of brown sugar to prevent it from hardening. This adorable creature also works with cakes and cookies and can help keep coconut and other dried fruits fresh. When dried, it also can keep crunchier munchies from losing their crispness and keep spices and salts dry. $4.50.

Megan Gloss writes for the Telegraph Herald.

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