Welcome to motherhood


Whether you’re on your first born or your fifth, and whether you have had children or adopted, there is something indescribable about the act of caring for and raising a human being.

I have not yet had children. But I have watched it transform friends and family of mine who have. They acknowledge that it has turned their world upside down, albeit in the best possible way. And that, along with making them masters of multitasking and time management, it has helped them to learn what is most important.

In this issue of Her, we hope to offer those expecting and those veterans to the motherhood fold a reflection of that, with a few time-savers and life-simplifiers to boot.

Meet cover girl and mom-to-be Casey Smith, who — amid coaching high school basketball and serving as the Dubuque YMCA/YWCA’s director of wellness — is expecting her first child this spring.

Another feature highlights a local family raising four daughters — three of whom are adopted.

We also share what’s new in maternity fashion, how to make baby food, the top baby names, decorating the nursery, baby-proofing and more.

In addition to moms, we’re also celebrating Women’s History Month.

Check out a few notable events and unsung women throughout history, as well as what the Galena (Ill.) Center for the Arts is doing with its second annual Broad Ideas exhibition.

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