To be empowered

“Sure he was great, but don’t forget that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did … backwards and in high heels.”

It’s a quote that originated in a 1982 “Frank and Ernest” cartoon, illustrated by Bob Thaves. And it’s one that has come to embody the idea that women can do anything that men can do — and often with a litany of unique obstacles.

Women in today’s world stand on the shoulders of generations who came before them — pushing for equal rights, equal pay and an equal voice. And with progress made, there remains room to grow. Though, we can thank those who came before us for how far we’ve come and the strides we continue to make for future generations.

In this edition of Her, we salute those who have empowered the rest of us to carry the torch for our generation, as well as see that it gets passed on to the next.

On the cover, we feature Candie Minnik, of John Deere Dubuque Works, along with other local women, who share the unique perspective of working in the field of manufacturing.

We also highlight local women celebrating who they are, such as those who roll

with the Dubuque Bomb Squad Roller Derby.

In this issue, we also offer tips on how to attain self-discipline, how to plant the seeds of

overachievement in your children and the all-important task of taking time for self-care,

as well as topics on money, health and more.

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