Step into Christmas

It’s fitting that this edition of Her magazine is hitting your mailbox on Nov. 1.

As the last trick-or-treaters leave my doorstep with remnants of candy from my oversized Halloween bowl, I am ready to pull in the pumpkins and haul out the holly.

It’s probably even a safe bet that a carol or two will find its way on to my car stereo today.

Yep. I’m one of those people. And despite objections about entertaining the notion of decking the halls before Thanksgiving — let alone rocking around any Christmas trees — I can’t get enough of the holidays, and I love getting a jump-start to the season.

This edition of Her indulges in just that.

Dedicated to all things in the spirit of holiday gift-giving, this issue is packed with ideas from local vendors, ranging from giving the gift of art to handmade, one-of-a-kind presents, and how to go a little bit greener during the holidays.

Another focus of this edition highlights our annual Her Night Out event, set for Thursday, Nov. 7, at the Grand River Center in the Port of Dubuque. Including shopping from local vendors, food, a fashion show, prizes and more, the evening also features a keynote speaker. This year, we’re excited to welcome comedian, author and musician Heather Land. You can read more about her viral rise to fame as this month’s cover story.

We also share a few healthful tips ahead of cold and flu season, as well as food, area events and more.

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