In honor of moms

My sister-in-law, Christine, might be one of the greatest moms on the planet.

To her daughter, Lauren, she’s the kind of mom who bakes homemade birthday cakes, who takes her daughter (plus the big family dog) for long walks in her stroller as soon as warm weather arrives and who always seems to have a hidden stash of meals, snacks and sippy cups at the ready when venturing out of the house.

Christine also didn’t disown my husband and I when we bought Lauren a little pink drum kit last Christmas (though, we’re prepared for retaliation).

Aside from being an ever-present parent, Christine also works full-time, never arrives empty handed to family gatherings and always manages to find the optimism and lighthearted moments in certain situations, while mindfully inserting a little discipline in others when it’s called for.

I’m sure it’s not easy, and I’m not sure how she does it. But to me, she represents many of today’s super moms, wearing an assortment of hats.

In honor of those rocking parenthood like Christine, we present our annual Mom edition of Her magazine.

Another super mom, this month’s cover girl is raising four children, all while maintaining a career, community engagement, faith and not sweating the small stuff. Kiesha Sainci shares her fascinating family story, in addition to offering helpful tips to fellow moms.

Also in this issue, we share ideas for family activities to check out in the tri-states, including an exclusive interview with the creator of “Baby Shark Live!” coming to Five Flags Center later this month. And we’ve dedicated a page to ideas from area moms on how to balance “mom time” and “you time.” Local families also share their tips for traveling with youngsters, as well as how moms can monitor screen time and decide what age is the right age for that first cell phone.

We also offer expert advice on how to talk to your kids about money and how to set a good example as a leader for your family.

Lastly, we provide a healthful recipe to help kick cold and flu season to the curb, as well as a cute and fun craft idea for those tired and worn out winter sweaters.

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