Book review: ‘The Paper Girl of Paris’ offers hope during heartbreak

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In her gripping new book, Jordyn Taylor thrusts readers into another dimension from a precious past, capturing the perspective of two souls.

“The Paper Girl of Paris” is a compelling, charismatic novel that shows the lives of a young girl, Alice, and her great-aunt, Adalyn.

The story follows the two through a prime turning point in their lives and pulls readers into the heartbreak and hope the characters face.

While struggling with a suicidal mother, Alice strives to recover the past of her recently deceased grandmother. Looking for clues, she stumbles upon a diary written by her great-aunt who we discover, in the 1930s, was a teen spy, losing everyone she loved in the process.

By using her artistic touch in this story, Taylor paints a picture for readers of what France looked like during the time of World War II.

The characters had to hold on tight to what was there so it wouldn’t slip away.

The beautiful and historic twist Taylor creates also uncovers the false narrative that was kept in the family for years and a hidden truth that the young, brave spy kept in order to save her loved ones.

Although Alice had never met her great-aunt, she feels a special relationship with her and notices the similarities the two share. No matter what it takes, Alice vows to uncover the truth to release her family from this exhausting reality.

Although several authors focus in on mother-daughter or sister-sister relationships, Taylor uniquely highlights a remarkable aunt and niece relationship.

This unbreakable connection that Adalyn and Alice retain reached my heart and reminded me of my treasured memories with my aunt.

The family element is particularly relevant during the current pandemic, as it allows readers to realize that there is hope, even when heartbreak is a reality.

The stories left behind by Adalyn is a key for Alice. Learning the truths about her past is important, as it is the only way to set her family free.

Stories have built the world we live in, and it’s important to remember them. Whether they be simple or complicated, the journey that it takes to learn about the past of one’s life is worth every step.

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