5 ways to slay Valentine’s Day this year

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

PHOTO CREDIT: StatePoint Media

Valentine’s Day is no longer just for the happy couples.

Whether you’re married, dating or content being single, there are ways for everyone to celebrate love of all kinds, including romance in 2022, regardless of relationship status.

1. Custom cards. SmashUps, from American Greetings, can help prioritize love and romance any day of the year. There are SmashUps specifically for Valentine’s Day, with romantic messages from celebrities like Michael Bolton and Smokey Robinson. However, these ecards aren’t just for couples on Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of options for love and friendship, like hilarious videos of talking dogs, cats and koalas. The customizable ecards let you send personalized messages to your boo, your bestie and your brother for a variety of holidays and occasions.

2. FaceTime. Couples who are separated by distance might have to settle for a candlelit FaceTime instead of the in-person dinner they had in mind. Luckily, romance in 2022 means technology can keep us connected, even when we’re apart. If you’re celebrating from a distance this Valentine’s Day, consider shipping gifts to your significant other or gal pals and opening them together while you’re on a video call, or make the same recipe and eat it together on FaceTime.

3. Swipe left. Many modern-day love stories start with a simple swipe to the left on a dating app. If you’re hoping to meet new people but aren’t sure where to begin, consider having some fun with online dating apps like Bumble, Hinge and Tinder. They’re not just for those looking for love. Many have friendship features, like Bumble BFF, which works the same way but connects you with others looking for friendships. This can be particularly useful for those who are moving to new cities, seeking roommates or looking to network with others who are around the same age or share similar interests.

4. Did someone say Galentine’s Day? Originally created by fictional character Leslie Knope in the television series “Parks and Recreation,” Galentine’s Day is all about female friendships and the laughter, joy and support they bring to our lives. Galentine’s Day can be spent as simply or elaborately as you please. Some gals might get together to exchange gifts of candles and fuzzy socks, while others might have a glass of wine and gossip over a charcuterie board. For some, the holiday might just be a reason to call your friends and check in on them. Single or taken, Galentine’s Day is a reminder to glorify your girl gang.

5. Self-care. Being by yourself on Valentine’s Day can feel a little lonely, but the day doesn’t have to be painful. If you’re spending it on your own, plan a day at the spa, take a group workout class or cook yourself your favorite meal. Self-care is the perfect way to honor the strong and independent person you are.

Romance in 2022 can be dinners for two with flowers and chocolate, but it also can be celebrating the mystery and magic of an ordinary day with a custom ecard, dinner with gal pals or spending time doing things you enjoy on our own.

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