Single on Valentine’s Day

Some people are content being single. But for those who are actively looking for a significant other, Valentine’s Day can be a frustrating and even depressing day because it reminds them they have not been successful in their quest.

“Don’t fall for the illusion that the world was suddenly overtaken by loving, happy couples eating Valentine’s chocolates, sipping champagne behind a silhouette of dozens of roses on an exotic island in a faraway tropical paradise,” says Tom Corner, a motivational speaker and author. “It is our perspective that can help us react positively to any situation.”

Corner adds that the one thing singles don’t want to do on Valentine’s Day is be on social media.

“Social media on Valentine’s Day will erupt in an annoying frenzy of posts about love, couples and happiness,” he says. “Not only is it full of messages for couples, but it is also not healthy for you to see your ex’s posts about his or her new love.”

Corner encourages singles to make plans in advance, even if those plans are to stay home with a new novel.

“If you don’t make plans to do something, you may end up crying in your beer or glass of wine all alone,” he says.

Here are a few suggestions:

Host a singles-only dinner party or night on the town. Invite your favorite single people and toast to your independence.

Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a haircut, beauty treatment or massage. Buy a nice piece of jewelry or purchase tickets for a concert. Take a long bath, give yourself a face mask, paint your nails or binge-watch your favorite shows.

Cook dinner for your relatives. Your parents, grandparents or even an aunt or uncle might be spending the evening alone and would love to hear from you.

Hit the gym. Put together a CrossFit workout of the day for singles.

Babysit for friends or relatives. Be the cool aunt or uncle: Order pizza or make brownie sundaes. Being with children helps us connect with our inner child.

Revisit your resolutions. Spend time taking stock of your life. The more you visualize and write down how you see it, the more you will attract the love of your life.

With a little planning, singles can fill Valentine’s Day with meaningful activities. More importantly, they can change their perspective, allowing them to see their love life clearly.

Tom Corner is an author and writer.

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