My Chic Obsession: How to create a timeless look

PHOTO CREDIT: Carolyn Arentson

PHOTO CREDIT: Carolyn Arentson

PHOTO CREDIT: Carolyn Arentson

PHOTO CREDIT: Carolyn Arentson

Imagine having a look that defies time and remains stylish and elegant eternally.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Achieving that look of everlasting style isn’t as difficult as you might think. Read on for some of my best tips for having a timeless style.

Limit the number of trends you buy

In a world full of fast fashion, this one is especially relevant today.

I think most agree that trends are fun. After all, it’s exciting to mix things up with new styles and experiment with a new look. The problem with trends when it comes to classic style is right in the word: Trend. These styles almost always are fleeting. Having a wardrobe comprised of only (or even mostly) trends will date your look in time.

Add simple accessories to simple looks

While I love accessories just as much as the next girl, keeping things simple is the best way to refine your look. You might even want to consider finding a signature item, such as a gold pendant necklace or silk scarf.

Gather inspiration from sustainable fashion stores

Pinterest is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to gathering outfit inspiration. But have you considered using other resources?

Many classic style clothing brands, such as Sézane and Madewell, offer online look books that are a great way to find outfits ideas.

Gather inspiration from iconic women

Grace Kelly. Audrey Hepburn. Coco Chanel. Katharine Hepburn. These women are considered style icons and for good reason. Their classic style is aspirational to this day.

Look for their style photos, and pay attention to the details. What elements of their look make them so chic?

Gathering outfit inspiration from these timeless women is a great way to refine your style and create a look that will last.

Watching old movies is another good way to get some inspiration.

Focus on neutrals, simple prints and structured classic pieces

When looking at those photos of timeless style icons, you probably notice lots of neutral colors and pieces such as turtlenecks, ballet flats, a tan trench coat and tailored jackets and slacks. These are pieces that are classic, neutral in color, simple and/or structured.

These are considered essentials to timeless fashion, even in today’s fashion world.

Simple, neutral pieces with a good fit are incredibly versatile and will go a long way in giving you that refined, elegant and timeless style.

Carolyn Arentson is a fashion blogger from Dubuque. Find more fashionable tips at

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