Beauty & Fashion: A resolution to quit ‘saving’

Olivia Viktora. PHOTO CREDIT: TH file

Olivia Viktora. PHOTO CREDIT: TH file

Olivia Viktora. PHOTO CREDIT: TH file

Olivia Viktora. PHOTO CREDIT: TH file

Olivia Viktora. PHOTO CREDIT: TH file

Olivia Viktora. PHOTO CREDIT: TH file

Olivia Viktora. PHOTO CREDIT: TH file

When setting New Year’s resolutions, a person must reflect on the past year to look to the future. You take a thorough look at the moments that made you happy, as well as any setbacks. You then start your list of things you want to improve — working out more, losing 15 pounds or starting a new hobby.

As the year comes to an end, I am reflecting on my “savings.” I’m not talking about my financials. Instead, I am referring to every garment in my closet that I saved for one reason or other. Outfits that I bought with the intention of wearing on one very specific occasion, only for it to go unworn. A beloved skirt I outgrew years ago. It’s something I’m sure has happened to the best of us.

In the New Year, I’d like to make a pledge to stop saving.

Stop saving to save. An impulse buy or a designer splurge? If you’re not going to wear it, ditch it. By keeping it because of the money spent, you’re costing yourself closet space and leaving potential money on the hanger.

Start cashing in. Make those returns if possible. Hold a clothing swap with friends. Sell in a consignment shop or through an online marketplace. Make some cash and hit the racks.

Stop saving for a special occasion. I am entirely too guilty of this, particularly when it comes to purchasing formal clothes. I will buy a dress with no scheduled event in mind, only to never get the chance to wear it.

Start creating the occasion. Pull that cocktail dress you’ve been keeping at the back of your closet, schedule a night to get glammed up with your girlfriends and hit the town.

Stop saving for a goal weight. Whether three-sizes-too-small jeans or jackets that swallow you, it’s time to stop coming face-to-face with clothing that doesn’t fit every time you get dressed. Whether losing or gaining, having a closet full of ill-fitting clothes can be discouraging.

Start dressing to size. It’s time to pack up clothing that no longer fit and bid them adieu. Donate what you don’t want. Items you’re not ready to let go of or hope to fit into one day should be put into storage. Then go to the store and buy several outfits that are the right size.

Stop saving because it’s sentimental. A hand-me-down from your mother, a hand-knitted sweater from a friend or even a wedding dress. Don’t feel pressured to keep it because it was gifted or featured in a life event if it is no longer of use to you.

Start keeping an archive. Items that truly have value for you but serve no purpose in daily life should be cleaned, folded and put inside an archival box to protect them from getting damaged. Refer to the box whenever you want to reminisce.

Olivia Viktora is a copy editor for the Telegraph Herald.

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