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Who knew that when Mom was admonishing us young hackers to sit farther away from the television because it would damage our eyes that she was not only right but also prescient? One of the many challenges of our modern world is the omnipresence of screens. Screens for work, screens for play, screens in our pockets, screens for the offensive. The Her Hacks Team would like to just take this moment to acknowledge that mom wasn’t just right … she was a wizard (’arry). But it wasn’t just the TV. “Stop slouching,” “go outside” and the occasional slapping of a small hand headed for the cookie jar all could easily be substitutes for “get a standing desk,” “make time to run” and “eat more kale” in 2021. And, coming off a year like 2020, who doesn’t want to feel a little better — a little more well — just because you can? Here are a few healthy hacks that can hopefully invoke that other, coveted “h” word: Happiness. The year 2020 might have been when more people have spent more time at home than ever before, and the first part of 2021 is shaping up to be the same. But being at home doesn’t mean your calendar is any less filled. There are Zoom meetings, homework for the kids, homework for the adults and no shortage of outside worries creeping in. Enter Scripps, with a pretty no-nonsense list of wellness hacks for the busy woman at tinyurl.com/ydfzzcby. There’s a lot that’s easily applicable to just about anyone’s life, but one standout we recommend is taking your lunch break before or after everyone else. When (or if) you get back to the office — or even if you’re holed up in the home office — taking a break at non-peak time has a variety of benefits. One of them can even be No. 9 on the same list: Get outside and get some fresh air. Just do it, you know, when there’s no one around to bother you. Next up, we’ve got a list from Thirty Handmade Days at tinyurl.com/ycckds6t. It’s a great website for anyone who needs a jump-start to get the creative juices flowing and the creative hands busy. This particular list has some fun hacky-y vibes, especially when you start delving into some of the more crafty ideas like the workout sticks and workout dice. And, as with many, many other sources, you’ll find the recommendation to cook large meals once per week, then portion them out for each day. It’s a huge timesaver — not to mention healthy meal planning aid — that everyone should try at least once. For the road warriors in the crowd, Women’s Health has a few tips to keep those trainers meeting the pavement at tinyurl.com/yaszvsjz. The list gets off to a strong start by advocating you start at the beginning — otherwise known as goal setting or getting “clear on the why” as they put it. Conveniently, at the very same site, there’s some advice for those who might be thinking about going vegan. There’s a nicely informative article at tinyurl.com/y8hzrft6 with 15 nutritionist-sourced tips about going vegan and staying there. Next up, tuning our browsers to Ironwild Fitness at tinyurl.com/yddkf8e5, we’ve got nine fitness hacks courtesy of author and site owner Chantal. The site is dedicated to helping other women with the challenges she has faced as a mom and homemaker, including postpartum. There’s a lot of no-nonsense tips there, but one of the best is about celebrating non-scale victories. It touches on an important piece that easily can get lost among running mileage and number of yoga poses mastered: Fitness is about mental and emotional health, too. The website Eat.Move.Hack. (which wins the official Her Hacks Team 2020 Award for Best Website Name) has a rundown of health and wellness that looks at it from a variety of angles. Check it out at tinyurl.com/y7976mpc. From working out at home to time blocking to nutrition, there’s a virtual, veritable buffet of useful advice. Bustle is a site that covers a diverse array of pop culture, self-help and other areas of interest, and it has got a list of cheap wellness gifts that — let’s be honest — easily can be self-gifted. The whole list can be found at tinyurl.com/y97v5sdr. If you’ve never considered the existence of a hand-warmer mug until you read this article, you owe it yourself to give it a perusal. Also, a heated steering wheel cover. January has soaked our bones with cold, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer. Not to leave the foodies out of the equation, the appropriately named Health.com has a rundown of healthy food hacks at tinyurl.com/qnjd9nt. We don’t blame you if you don’t get past No. 1: Eggplant bacon. And anyone that doesn’t get excited when hearing the words “guilt-free margarita” already might be dead inside. Last on our rundown, is Health Nut Nutrition at tinyurl.com/ybcwp8gg with seven health food hacks that include more than a few recipes that are getting added to the rotation for Her Hacks Team-building retreats. Between Instant Green Juice (a particular favorite here) and a DIY Super Seed Mix, not to mention Coconut Butter Lemon Glaze there’s a little bit for all tastes. That’s it for this month, and don’t forget to keep healthy, keep hacking. Anthony Frenzel writes for the Telegraph Herald.

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