My Chic Obsession: How to put together a classic look for fall

PHOTO CREDIT: Carolyn Arentson

PHOTO CREDIT: Carolyn Arentson

PHOTO CREDIT: Carolyn Arentson

PHOTO CREDIT: Carolyn Arentson

When it comes to putting together an outfit for the cooler season, you can never go wrong with a few classic staples.

Here are a few quick and easy tips that will help you put together a chic outfit in no time.

Wear all (or mostly all) black

I don’t make the rules, but black is a color that always will make you look chic and classic. You could say that Coco Chanel made the rules when she turned to the color black into a style statement with her LBD (little black dress) in 1926.

You want to look chic? Wear all or mostly all black. Don’t trust me? Trust Chanel.

Shoes that add height

Whether you go for heels or boots, make sure to have something on foot with a little height. Not only do they make you stand up straighter, but they also elevate your whole look.


In another nod to Chanel, tweed has emerged as a fabric that symbolizes chicness.

In the past, it was a material associated with outdoor activities, such as hunting. Now when you see something in tweed, most people think of Chanel’s jackets, suits and handbags.

Whether you have a tweed blazer, tweed dress or tweed bag, you are one step closer to having a chic outfit.

Classy touches

Black sunglasses, pearl earrings and red lipstick add up to one chic look.

Carolyn Arentson is a fashion blogger from Dubuque. Find more fashionable tips at

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