Beauty & Fashion: Update your professional look

Britni Farber PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Britni Farber PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Britni Farber PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Britni Farber PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Britni Farber PHOTO CREDIT: Contributed

Are you a part of an organization, company or group that encourages women in leadership? Are you self-employed, a newly appointed executive director or a CEO? Are you adventuring into new journeys, business relationships and education?

There is value in updating your look to depict your journey in the professional world.

The first time I was a part of a “branding photography session,” Nat Finley, co-founder of the women’s community group She Unites and a busy Midwest photographer, asked me if I would be willing to do makeup and styling for a “series of headshots” for women who are self-employed, in leadership or engaging in new careers.

I loved the concept and started to explore options for makeup and hair. Since then, I have partnered with photographers to capture women in their creative and professional fields.

There is a lot of collaboration that happens prior to branding sessions, including location, makeup, hair, wardrobe and, of course, the subject.

Upon arrival, the clients have a selection of professional attire to choose from, and props or other significant pieces that are relevant to their work are discussed and staged on location. From here, we steam and select outfits that best suit the person’s work image and discuss what colors highlight their eyes, skin and personality.

Try to keep the makeup not too heavy, but rather, allow it to accentuate the person’s natural features.

My favorite design of artistry for this style of photography is a color complimentary nude eye, with flattering false eyelashes, as well as making use of lip color to add personality and a pop of blush.

Remember, beauty doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to be effective.

Lifestyle photographer, Erin Moore, of Erin Moore Photography, said that “updating your professional look every couple of years or during a career change is essential in today’s world as consumers and businesses naturally want to put-a-face-to-the-name because they want to work with someone who is recognizable and doesn’t feel obsolete in their industry.”

I couldn’t agree more. Staying relevant and looking like your most present self is a necessity.

Britni Farber is a Dubuque-based makeup artist.

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