January 14, 2021
After 15 years as a full-time massage therapist, Jaime Ellerie was ready to call it quits five years ago. As much as she loved her practice, which she ran out of her home in Dubuque, the art of massage had taken a physical toll toll on her hands, shoulders and back. She knew making the...
Have you heard? Sitting is the new smoking. Well, maybe not exactly. However, sitting does cause adverse health conditions. For me, prolonged sitting causes weaker back muscles and painful headaches. It does not help that my posture gets worse the longer that I sit. According to the Better Health Channel, sitting too long increases your...
Happy New Year! 2021 finally is here. For some of us, turning a new year has us celebrating and looking ahead to new and brighter days. Others might be downright too exhausted to notice or care that 2020 has ended and a new year has begun. While 2020 might have required modifications to our usual...
Adults and kids alike might be enjoying the excitement of digital devices received as gifts during the holidays. However, the new year always is a great time for a reset. Alongside those new devices, consider adopting some new digital habits. Here are some great ideas for helping your family build healthier relationships with their digital...
As we get older and wiser, it seems that health is one of our biggest treasures. Many seniors tell me that they wish they would have paid closer attention to healthy habits throughout their lifetime. The good news is that it is never too late to start. The classic scenario presents itself far too often:...


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